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The redevelopment of brownfields through
innovative nature-based solutions



Circular and bioeconomy: local production of biomass, phytovoltaic, recycling of valuable metals


Green infrastructure, preservation of soil and water resources, enhancement of biodiversity, flood prevention


Well-being, health, education, job creation

A network of walloon stakeholders

The Waste2Bio initiative is coordinated by researchers from the University of Liège with the support of the Public Service of Wallonia, the Greenwin
and Wagralim competitiveness clusters, Valbiom and Brownfield Academy.

The Waste2Bio initiative relies on a consortium of more than 100 walloon actors in the redevelopment of brownfields, the biobased economy and ecology involved at all levels of the value chain: land owners and managers, public authorities , farmers, researchers, service providers, bio-based companies, non-profit organizations…



Plants matter: ecosystemic and economic interests


Soil as a springboard for the transition of territories

FrichNat project

The role of urban and peri-urban brownfields in biodiversity conservation

Media and #S3Wallonne