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What is phytomanagement?

Phytomanagement is a sustainable management method for polluted sites using plants and their associated microorganisms to control the risk linked to the presence of contaminants and to provide other ecosystem services.

It consists in setting up a multifunctional vegetation cover on a polluted site for :

– Acting on soil and water pollution through phytoremediation,

– Acting on other causes of degradation: compaction, erosion, biodiversity, 

– Improving the landscape and the living environment of the citizens,

– Valorizing biomass in the form of biosourced materials and molecules.

What is PhytoremediationPhytoremediation is a set of technologies (phytofiltration, phytostabilization, phytodegradation, rhizodegradation, phytoextraction and rhizoextraction) that use plants and associated microorganisms to immobilize, degrade or eliminate organic or mineral contaminants present in soils (see figure below).