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Strategic Innovation Initiative

#S3 wallonne

What is S3?

The S3 is a region-specific, integrated economic transformation strategy that:

  • Builds on the strengths, competitive advantages, and potential of each region;
  • Targets key priorities, challenges, and needs to focus available resources: having a strategy means making investment choices;
  • Defines priorities through an inclusive process: the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP);
  • Effectively integrates public tools and policies, supporting both technological and non-technological innovation and stimulating private sector investment;
  • Includes a monitoring and evaluation system and a review mechanism to update strategic choices.

19 Strategic Innovation Initiatives

The Minister of Economy, Research and Innovation has selected 19 Strategic Innovation Initiatives (SIIs) following the call for expressions of interest launched in September 2021. This call aimed to mobilize all relevant actors around structuring strategic innovation initiatives in line with the ambitions defined by the roadmaps for our 5 strategic innovation areas.
These 5 strategic innovation areas identified in Wallonia are

  1. Circular materials (2 SII)
  2. Innovations for a better health (3 SII)
  3. Agile and safe design and production (4 SII)
  4. Sustainable energy systems and habitats (4 SII)
  5. Agri-food chains of the future and innovative environmental management (6 SII)